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Help guide

Post by Martin » 20 Jan 2019 12:17

Feel free to use this forum to discuss with other users, ask for help and also to help other users.

When you encountered a bug in Automagic, try to report the bug as thorough as possible:
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Automagic available on Google Play
  • Search the forum to see whether this bug is already known and if a solution or workaround already exists
  • Write a clear summary of the bug in the subject
  • Include the device model and Android version in the bug report (also include the name/version of a custom rom when a custom rom is in use)
  • Describe the steps necessary to reproduce the bug as good as possible. Mention if the bug happens only under certain conditions (no network, only in airplane mode etc.)
  • Attach the relevant section of the log available in Automagic (ensure no personal information like phone numbers and addresses are shown in the log). You can also send the log to the support mail address (Menu->Manage->Log, Menu->Send Log) or in a PM.

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