verify a bluetooth connection during a certain time

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verify a bluetooth connection during a certain time

Post by jamesr » 10 Mar 2022 23:19

I have create with Automagic flow and Widget a better app than my official Tag app to find my key (like AirTag).

But, one of my problem is that the bluetooth connexion of the tag is not very efficient and sometime it loose the connection but just 1 seconde.
Or when I just go in the next office, the tag loose the connection and everything alerts. In fact, the alert of my Nutspace tag is too loud and that is the reason why I stop used it and create my one app.

By the way, now I have a really good thing but I can't find a condition or something else which will be wait 1 minute for exemple after the deconnection and stop the next of the flow if the connexion is retablished.
All the trigger just check a state without considerating the during.

At the moment, the best thing I do is to increment a variable with the first deconnection and after 7 minutes verify again if the tag is not connected, the variable are incremented and then the flow continu to the alert.
But if I reconnect my tag at 4 min. it doesn't reset the timer so it's not realy the best solution.

Off course, using a tag with BT connexion drain a lot the battery so I'm also want a solution which is not drain the battery to much.

Thank you for your help.


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