Making Automagic open-source . . .

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Making Automagic open-source . . .

Post by hmast » 21 Mar 2020 13:22

I wonder if profit from the app, by keeping it in Google store, is actually worth to keep the app private. Because when thinking about making the app open source, what is likely to come with it is that there are bigger rewards both for users and for you as developer. It appears to be like so, because if you'll Google around for open-source alternatives to Tasker, you'll see there is some need for open-source for this one. Automagic is some ways even better than Tasker, and making it open source would really convince many to switch over. If it would become open-source, I'd personally be going into doing some of the things you think are not worth doing because it taking a lot of time to do. As for your personal benefits for you and your companies, you'd be recognized as founder of this endeavor, and should actually come out more profitable in terms of clients and other products you can sell to. Because by making it open-source, you're making it convincing to build community around this endeavor. It would be both for you and your companies reputation with this endeavor as personal opportunity, and for user benefits because it will help to develop it further much faster.
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Re: Making Automagic open-source . . .

Post by Yam » 26 Mar 2020 12:41

Do you have any open source projects :)?
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Re: Making Automagic open-source . . .

Post by Desmanto » 26 Mar 2020 18:06

I don't think it is easy to do that. I don't have any clue about the monetary part of it. But without financial support, I believe it costs a lot to maintain open source project. That explain a lot of open source projects stopped without further update.

I create flows for my own use. I create some for sharing, example the COVID-19 tracker v2 which I am going to share in the near future. It takes 2 weeks to create that and I don't benefit anything from it financially except for my own personal satisfaction. It already takes a lot of time, even though I am just using the app. Consider developing the app (Automagic) which create the flow, it definitely cost more time and resources.

But I am still happy if one day Automagic go open source and attract more development. But I am just afraid it will stopped developing because of it. Hence I prefer it stays paid and maybe open up to donation.
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Re: Making Automagic open-source . . .

Post by BoBo » 27 Mar 2020 08:06

Well, coming from AutoHotkey (means, joined its userbase right after it forked from AutoIt2) I was always a bit nervous about what will happen once it's "creator" Chris Mallett, being a "one-man show" as well, throws the towel!? I guess bc AutoHotkey was Open Source from the beginning (AutoIt went closed source afterward), and therefore several people joined its development (or created another fork, which created some sort of synergy effects), it's still alive, even after Chris left the scene.
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