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Input Dialog - Column

Posted: 10 Aug 2019 17:42
by Desmanto
This is inspired by Android Wear widget menu and the Element Tags.

Basically this is just like single choice menu, but presented in multiple columns. Elements Tag show the tags in 3 columns.
Tag 3 columns.png
Tag 3 columns.png (58 KiB) Viewed 8903 times
I wish we can specified up to 5 columns. Currently my phone can show up to 19 rows in one screen (OS setting, display font size smallest). More than that, I have to scroll down the list or I have to split the choices in multiple input dialog. If I can have at least 3 columns, with short text, I can show up to 57 items. With 5 columns and very short text, up to 95 items. This definitely eliminate the need of multiple input dialog or the need to scroll.

If it is possible, maybe do the same also with Multiple choice type too, so we can have multiple choice in columns grid. Thanks in Advance.