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WidgetEditor : lock & copy&paste & move layer top/bottom / transparent titlebar = max preview / move action row up/down

Posted: 01 May 2019 14:52
by heliosone
ideas for widget editor :

menu=>layer to bottom
menu=>layer to top
thats VERY helpful,no need to click 10times layer down or up !

copy&paste layers accross different widgets / or a copy&paste wizard,that lets you select multiple layers and pastes them into a selected widget.

layer properties => lock layers(like toggle visible),so they cant be moved/selected by accident

enlarge widget preview area with a transparent title bar in the widget editor.

it would be nice to be able to move click actio rows up and down,as of now you can only add a new row at the end,but not move it up

Re: Widget Editor : lockable layer / move layer top/bottom / transparent titlebar to enlarge preview area / copy&paste l

Posted: 01 May 2019 16:11
by Desmanto
layer to top and bottom >> +1

But I would suggest to have additional menu called element pane. This is similar to selection pane in microsoft office, where you can see all object (widget element) here.
We can reorder the element by dragging (just like dragging list element in debug dialog), toggle visibility, lock position, Bulk copy/delete, bulk rename multiple elements.

Grid copying
Maybe some fancy idea like "grid copying". Example I am designing 3x3 wear widget. I have created the top left textbox, I want to duplicate it to 3x3 grid to fill the widget.
I can simply choose grid copying, fill in 3 by 3, then it will propagate the whole widget, with the proper snapping based on the left textbox.
If it is text_1 with 100x100 widget at x,y 0,0; then the next grid will be text_2 with 100x100 at x,y 100,0; text_3 with 100x100 at x,y 200,0 and so on until filling the 3x3 grid.

If I choose fill in by 1x10, then it will have only 1 box at the horizontal, and will copy down for 9 more to the bottom.
It is just like sketchup copying object, where it will duplicate it across.
But of course, this is additional fancy idea, might be too troublesome to implement. I have create a flowception to do this already, but require heavy modification everytime I need to use it.
Prefer the selection pane idea first.