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android 8.1 add more than 5 quicksettings tiles ?

Posted: 25 Apr 2019 13:59
by heliosone
Is it possible to add more than 5 automagic tiles to the quicksettings menu ?
I already used up all of the 5 available,but I have plenty more ideas for additional ones :)

If its not possible to do this now,PLEAAASSEEEE add this in a later release !!!!!!!!
did I mention PLEASE ? oh yeah I did :)

Re: android 8.1 add more than 5 quicksettings tiles ?

Posted: 25 Apr 2019 18:05
by Desmanto
What do you use for the tiles? All of them are toggles? If you only need shortcut, you can maximize each tile to multiple shortcuts, by using input dialog in each of them. So tapping tile 1 will popup input dialog, and you can make more choices from there. It is better if you categorize similar shortcuts function into single tile, for easier management. Example tile 1 has all connection related action, tile 2 about the sound, ringer, DND, etc, and so on.

I only use 2 tile currently, as i use RR pie ROM, which has smart bar. 4 of the smartbar button, all mapped to particular Automagic action, which is enhanced again by input dialog.

Re: android 8.1 add more than 5 quicksettings tiles ?

Posted: 26 Apr 2019 14:29
by heliosone
I have 3 REAL toggles (where I need to see if they are on/off)
and I have 2 play buttons (play&pause / next)
sound ridiculous,but I cant manage to get a lockscreen play control working with the music player I use (folder music player)
I checked EVERY miui option for lockscreen notification/display,... but the lockscreen stays empty :(

so AGAIN automagic helped me work around the problem with a quick settings player control :)

The idea with the input dialog is cool but Im afraid I dont have any tiles left to do that :(
I dont know if its hardcoded,that 3rd party apps can only show 5 tiles,but I really would LOVE to have the option to add more than 5 !!!!

Re: android 8.1 add more than 5 quicksettings tiles ?

Posted: 26 Apr 2019 17:04
by Desmanto
You can actually encode more icons/labels in single tile. Usually we just use 2 toggling state, on/off. You can actually put more states at single tile using the input dialog.

Example, currently you have to use 2 tiles, one is to set magnification feature on/off, the other is to set color inversion on/off. Using on/off binary toggling state, you must use 2 tiles.
If combine them into single tile, you can use input dialog with 4 choices.
Magnification OFF - Color Inversion OFF
Magnification OFF - Color Inversion ON
Magnification ON - Color Inversion OFF
Magnification ON - Color Inversion ON

Add 4 parallel expressions to check {value} is equal to one the value above. Example

Code: Select all

value == "Magnification OFF - Color Inversion ON"
Choosing Magnification OFF - Color Inversion ON, will branch to execution to set magnification off and color inversion on. Then at the end of that branch, change the tile to some icon that represent magnification off and color inversion on. You might want to shorten the label, maybe "MagOFF CION". Do the same for all 4 branches. This way you only need 1 tile for 2 x 2 states.

You don't have to have binary choices (as 2, 4, 8, 16). You can have 5, 7, or 10 (don't put too much, or you need to scroll later). Just remember to give each choices a particular icon/labeling. But if your toggling state require on/off exclusively, then you have to use the binary choices then, 4 or 8 maybe the max. 16 usually need to scroll in most phone, except if you use smallest font size. (I can have 18 before need to scroll).

Other alternative for the play/pause next button, everytime you have music player on, you can create another ongoing notification with 3 action buttons. Put play/pause, next, prev button on those action. Remove the notification after the music player stop.

I don't know if Martin will add the quick tile, or maybe it is the limit already. Above solution are current workaround for your problem.

Re: android 8.1 add more than 5 quicksettings tiles ?

Posted: 27 Apr 2019 07:04
by heliosone
yeah that sounds good,I always only thought about on/off usage for the tiles,but that definitely gives a bit more space for actions with one tile !!
thanks for that!

@play&pause notification
I tried that before,but the notification was shown without the actions on the lockscreen.
When I unlocked,the full notification with actions was shown.
Seems the lockscreen cuts away everything interactive from notifications.

In the meantime it seems I changed some setting in MIUI,as I wasnt able to replicate my "success" from above,when I tried today again,I wasnt able to make automagic show a single notification the lockscreen.
I checked EVERY notification channel/setting in MIUI ,everything is set to allow lockscreen notifications,but the lockscreen stays empty.
Other notifications are shown on the lockscreen though !

I read in another post that you used MIUI on your REDMI ?
Any ideas what I can try so automagic shows notifications on the lockscreen again?
I use password/fingerprint lockscreen.

Re: android 8.1 add more than 5 quicksettings tiles ?

Posted: 27 Apr 2019 08:11
by Desmanto
Yes, previously I use MIUI in RN5, before switching to RR 6.2.0 Oreo 8.1 ROM (now on RR 7.0.1 Pie 9.0). At the notification setting, I have set to show all on lockscreen. Automagic notification is showing properly on lockscreen. You might want to set the priority to maximum atau automatically expand to big message to show the actions. Try to check the notification setting for Automagic too, make sure it is visible and allowed all. As latest Automagic 1.37.0 already support notification channel, which might affect the flow in certain way.

But AFAIR, we still can't tap the action button when in locked stated. I forgot that you stated you want the play/pause when in locked stated. Tapping the action button of the notification still require unlocking the phone first.
Next automagic update will include the volume button listener, so you can use vol up/down long press to send media control next/prev : viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7997

In mean time, maybe you should stick to the quick tile method. Or there is alternative by utilizing the sensor. You can create a flow with proximity sensor, when you close the sensor, it will trigger play/pause. Of course, only enabled the flow when music is playing, as the flow will consume more battery that usual (sensor is active all the time). There is also device orientation that you can use. Example, face the phone left, it will send prev, face right send next. Again, it is sensor based trigger, will drain more battery. But hey, you are using your phone to play music, you shouldn't mind some extra battery drain.

Re: android 8.1 add more than 5 quicksettings tiles ?

Posted: 29 Apr 2019 05:18
by heliosone
yeah I checked all notification settings everywhere,but I cant replicate the lockscreen notification.
But as I cant even use the action part of the notification at the lockscreen,its ok :)

Looking forward to the volume button listener,thats a good idea !
thanks for your help

PS: but just to make sure for future stuff : @martin : PLEASE add MORE quicksetting TILES nextupdate :)

Re: android 8.1 add more than 5 quicksettings tiles ?

Posted: 30 Apr 2019 06:24
by Desmanto
Actually the volume key listener has been added in EAP version. And the update today also has add another 3 quick tiles. Have to wait for the stable release.

Re: android 8.1 add more than 5 quicksettings tiles ?

Posted: 17 May 2019 13:49
by heliosone
thanks for the update (about the update :) ) !

btw.. I took your advice and build myself an overlay widget.
Didnt know about this possibility,but I LOVE IT !:))
Screenshot_2019-05-17-15-32-52-131_com.teslacoilsw.launcher.png (55.21 KiB) Viewed 2569 times
when I swipe down with 2 fingers@nova launcher I open my panel,with one finger the os qs panel.
below you see the original miui qs panel.
Screenshot_2019-05-17-15-32-42-764_com.teslacoilsw.launcher.png (37.37 KiB) Viewed 2569 times

Re: android 8.1 add more than 5 quicksettings tiles ?

Posted: 17 May 2019 14:08
by heliosone
btw.. is there a condition that can check if an overlay is visible ??