trigger on new google home activity

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trigger on new google home activity

Post by regissg » 27 Feb 2019 21:22

All google home activities are logged on https// and I was wondering if we could get in realtime a trigger when a new google activity is logged. Even better if we could get the logged voice command in return

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Re: trigger on new google home activity

Post by Desmanto » 28 Feb 2019 17:45

If I am not wrong, I remember Google home has the capability to broadcast to all connected devices on same wifi : ... roid&hl=en
The target device (your phone) should have notification on statusbar or on screen, that you can catch to trigger the flow. I don't have google home, can't test it.

But for other command, there seems to be no direct way to do it. But you can ues periodic timer to query and parse the data to get the latest logged command.
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