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Clickable Areas in Widgets

Posted: 03 Feb 2019 21:50
by wired4sound
Add a new element. Clickable area.

Invisible layer you can place in your widgets and make clickable to perform actions.


Place over a phone image to make clickable to perform an action to call.

Place over image to toggle another flow on/off

Place over corner to hide the widget.

I know the widget itself is clickable, swipable, etc, but very limited in actions performed and not as intuitive as say clicking an image (the invisible layer over it) to perform an action.

Re: Clickable Areas in Widgets

Posted: 24 Feb 2019 00:48
by jmckeejr
I have been wanting this for a while as well. Could have widget with
- volume +
Which you could have clickable image - or + so not only sections of widget but the image could be clickable. This would be very awesome

Re: Clickable Areas in Widgets

Posted: 27 Feb 2019 17:59
by digitalstone
You could work with stacking 2 widgets on top of each other. Creating a "base and top layer".
Add transparancy if/where needed.
Remember that Automagic can only perform as much as Android allows/is limited to.
And widgets are Android based. Automagic offers you only the widget-editor to create the recipe to give to Android.