Advanced Location Tracking Ideas & Building Useful Things...

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Advanced Location Tracking Ideas & Building Useful Things...

Post by hmast » 19 Jan 2019 23:12

Location tracking with WPS? Accurate indoor location tracking?
Thinking how could track behaviour more accurately. Will throw my raw idea that I wrote down some minutes ago:

"When doing behavior and BT measures the proximity from one device to other (to then feed to AI for recognizing or distinguishing behaviors), the variation is high when each behavior is performed again and again, but there are patterns that nearly always happen, or close proximity to certain values that always happen only in that particular behavior (trouble with this is how it knows which behavior without me telling it...) Could train this with connection to some more accurate sensor that actually knows the position. Then those sensors work together, and one sensor helps to show what the numbers of other sensor mean in terms of the more accurate sensors. Once AI has learned what the BT numbers equal in relation to location, the more accurate sensor can be shut off and all that is needed is this super lightweight tiny low-energy sensor to measure location, and once location is known accurately, can draw zones in 3D as to what zones mean what behavior... or rather what zone-sequences mean in terms of a combination of words... which only need to be once and does not take crazy amount of time, maybe..."

So in relation to Gleeo Time Tracker, I see value if all the tracking can be started automatically based on location. Umn, could do reverse way which is instead of changing software changing physical environment to suit normal GPS limitations, such as all behavior measured will be done different location so GPS can distinguish it...

The value of location tracking to be able to automatically activate different systems useful depending of location then. Thinking about applying narrow artificial intelligence systems to give relevant insight... or do something that would be useful to achieve particular purposes under consideration at that location...
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