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Favourite Element

Post by Desmanto » 21 Feb 2018 16:49

Hi Martin,

I have created my own flowception to create shortcut to my favourite elements.
Fav element.png
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So whenever I add a new element, it will popup the widget as shown. If I press script, then using Control UI, it will tap the Action > New > Set filter to Script and tap the script. But this still takes around 1 second more to complete, sometimes 2 seconds more if the UI is slightly lag because of other running flow/process.

It will be nice to have new option after the template, to select "Favourite Element". It can be separated as "Favourite Actions" and "Favourite Conditions", or maybe just leave it as "Favourite 1" and "Favourite 2". So total option will be
Favourite 1
Favourite 2

Each Favourite can contains maybe 10-20 custom selected action/condition. In Automagic settings we will have new menu to customize the favourite elements. So I will map my most frequently use elements there. Script and Expression will be first 1 and 2, debug dialog also queue in; and so on. Next time when I need to use script, I only need two taps (instead of 2 taps, 1 focus and type, 1 tap) : first tap to select Favourite 1, second tap to select script.

For triggers, I don't know how to make the shortcut for it. But since we don't add so many triggers, I think it is not needed, just favourite shortcut for action and condition are enough.

Additional thing is if it is possible, in the statistic also show total of different elements used in all flows (or maybe can be filtered for selected flows). So I can know which element I used the most. Therefore I can put that in the favourite elements. I plan to make a script to loop find and show it, but I think it will be better to have it built-in.

As usual, whenever you can. This is just additional to make creating flow more pleasant, nothing is wrong with the functionality.

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