Set WiFi Calling Action (On/Off)

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Set WiFi Calling Action (On/Off)

Post by roxburd » 05 Jul 2017 19:57

I Have WiFi Calling and I really need it at home - my network reception is terrible at home.

But once you turn on WiFi Calling it picks up any WiFi network and routes your calls and texts over them. That's BAD because:
- they're not secure
- some are poor enough quality that the call is terrible quality

And I'm not manually turning WiFi Calling on and off every time I get home / leave home!

It would be great if WiFi Calling offered WiFi network white-listing (list the only networks it should use) but it doesn't.

AutoMagic can trigger off attaching to / detaching from networks by SSID so all it needs is an action for turning WiFi Calling on and off.

Any chance of that being added?