Battery current or temperature trigger/condition

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Battery current or temperature trigger/condition

Post by asgeist » 29 Sep 2014 19:23

There are battery monitor apps/widgets that can tell me how much current is being drawn from my battery over the previous settable period of time. I would like automagic triggers/conditions that would do the same thing. If battery current is over/under so many milliamps, then trigger or branch accordingly.

My application: In my case, occasionally my phone gets into some kind of infinite loop where it drains the battery so fast the phone becomes hot to the touch. Not just warm, HOT! When I figure this out in time, I can check my battery monitor, see that it's draining at over one amp, and re-boot the phone. But other times, I don't catch it in time, and my phone is dead or nearly so, usually with no charger available.

I do see that there is a battery temperature variable available from the "Battery Level" trigger/condition. But I can't trigger on the battery temperature itself. So I'm left triggering periodically or constantly, which will itself drain the battery.

Any other ideas? If not, I'll leave this as a new feature request.