Hide/highlight unsupported elements from the editor

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Hide/highlight unsupported elements from the editor

Post by MURTUMA » 14 Sep 2014 09:29

Recently I bricked my S4(kitkat) and had to fall back to S+(gingerbread). Hopefully I had backed up my flows on the external sd, so it was easy to continue from where I left on my previous phone. However, I had some hard time tracking down all the flows or single elements in flows that wouldn't work on gingerbread and thus breaking the flow.

Could you add some warning icon or highlight color to the list of flows that contains unsupported elements and also to the said elements in the editor view? Also, when creating flows, add an exclamation mark to the front of unsupported elements so they would rearrange themselves to the bottom of the list(alphabetically) but still retaining the possibility to use them.

This would make such troubleshooting so much less of a pain.

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