Set language for Automagic

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Set language for Automagic

Post by highend » 20 Sep 2013 10:18

Hi Martin,

atm Automagic uses the default system language (in my case german) and translates all triggers, conditions, actions and ui elements into that language.
While ui translation is nothing bad at all it makes choosing of the "right" condition / trigger... a rather hard task.

This is an english speaking forum and most of the examples (at least their descriptions of what you have to do when you are not downloading a .xml file) are in... english.

So when you want to reproduce an explanation on your phone like:
-action Show Input Method Selector

My first filter search would be: Zeige
But the word I should have been looking for would have been: Eingabedialog

A second one:
-action Show Home Screen

This time it contains the word "Zeige"... (Zeige Home Screen)

So can you please add an option to set the default's app language / or the option to not translate anything apart from gui elements?