Time for waiting the answer of sensors

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Time for waiting the answer of sensors

Post by breeze » 24 May 2013 20:38

Nowadays time for waiting the answer of proximity sensor or luminance sensor is strictly fixed and it is very often exceed the determinate limit in real flows, which lead to the abnormal shutdown (end) of the goal. It seems rather strange as current meaning reading of sensors which is reflect in the display field of installation are changed very quickly.
To solve this problem I should use "Exeption", but it is slows down the flow time. I hope, that the next versions of Automagic have possibility to install the permissible time for waiting the answers from sensors manually.
Also I eager to realise a very simple, but useful flow: during the unblocking install the brightness of display's illumination on basis of luminance's sensor reading. I couldn't realise this flow. Due to the situation ,which has been described before (look above) and also due to absence of value in variable light_level (always null), using a trigger Light sensor. I want you to full the values in the next versions of light level.
Sorry for my english please.

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