name of the current flow/group

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name of the current flow/group

Post by tschaedl » 02 Mar 2013 12:38

I'm using different flows for different locations (depending on the location different things happen). Cause not being at different locations at the same time and to save resources (not sure if I'm right with that) I deactivate all location flows except the one for the current location.
Now I don't want to maintain all flows if there a new location flow will be added. "Setting flow status" actions allows to use variables with wildcards, which is good but I use the grouping of the flows so I would like to select a group name.
Independent of using the group name or the flow names with wildcards, I didn't found a possibility to exclude the current flow. Does a variable for it exists? If not I request one!


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Re: name of the current flow/group

Post by Martin » 04 Mar 2013 08:39

Currently you have to use a naming pattern for your flows that you can use to match with a wildcard like "Loc: flow1", "Loc: flow2" and wildcard "Loc*".
A variable with the current flow name does not exist yet. I add this to my todo-list.

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