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Pebble Support

Post by amix » 01 Mar 2013 12:23


you may have heard about Pebble, the smartwatch. It connects via Bluetooth to an iPhone or Android device displaying notifications, allowing for media player remote control and more. It already has a Tasker plugin. It would be great to support it. Since Pebble is hot on Twitter right now, it would mean a great opportunity for you to get some publicity, too.

Here is the Tasker plugin: ... ble.plugin

The fun on Twitter is here: @Pebble and #Pebble. They're to be found at They have an Android app in the PlayStore, as well.

Supporting it would mean that I could talk to Automagic from the Smartwatch and have Automagic send messages. Heck, Automagic may even start apps on the watch by triggering it. Not sure on that, however.

As soon the Pebblers would know about it, they would advertise it to their 22k subscribers.

Greetings, Andreas