Feature request guide

Post your feature requets for new triggers, conditions, actions and other improvements.

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Feature request guide

Post by Martin » 23 Nov 2012 20:28

Feel free to post the features you would like to see in Automagic.

  1. Check if someone else already requested the same feature and add a "me too" in a reply to the existing feature request. If the feature is similar but not exactly the same, then describe the difference in a reply to the existing feature request.
  2. Use a short and meaningful subject in your post.
  3. Describe the feature as good as possible and include a short description how you would like to use the new feature in an example flow.
  4. Please understand that I can not answer each feature request since some feature requests need a lot of time to even analyze the technical feasibility. All features will be considered when time permits. You can help to increase priority of a feature request by adding a "me too" reply to an existing request.