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Flow sharing guide

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 20:06
by Martin
Feel free to showcase your favored flows or flows that achieve something special.

You can share a flow by selecting menu->Forum in Automagic and then using the green Publish Flow button. The flow will be uploaded to our server and a link is generated that you can paste here in a new topic.
  • Ensure to remove all personal information like phone numbers and addresses before you publish the flow. Let us know (PM or mail) when you published personal information by accident so we can remove or adjust the flow.
  • Give your flow a distinct name before publishing. (Good: Turn WiFi on every day at 6am, Bad: Flow3, Change settings).
  • Describe your flow in the forum post.
  • Publish only single flows except when the flows are tightly coupled and need to be used together.
Happy flow sharing!