Spam call blocker

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Spam call blocker

Post by Lars8 » 23 Jul 2020 18:54

I made this flow to get rid of annoying spam calls. ... c8dcdcf0ce

If the number of the incoming call isn't present in the contacts, it will

❶ set the ringer volume to silent
❷ send a notification SPAM on the phone screen
❸ open an online phone directory, too see who is calling (the url is for swedish numbers, please change the url to a service that works in your country)
❹ wait for 30 seconds (after 30 seconds, my answering machine answers the phone, thus the ringer will not ring any more, adjust the value if it's too short in your case)
❺ set the ringer volume to normal again.

An alternative to point ❹ is to use the action. "End call", which stops the call immediately.
But this function is unsupported, and may not work on all phones (it did work on mine, Galaxy S7 / android 8.0)

2 other advantages with using the delay is

❶ if the caller isn't spam, he / she gets the opportunity to give a message in your answering machine
❷ it will block one of the spam caller's lines for 30 seconds, lowering the efficiency of the spam caller, and therefore maybe save an unknown friend from a spam call 😉

In case it isn't a spam call, but a real one, the web page with the searched number will be on the screen when you open the phone, letting you decide to answer, or call back.

The standard notification about missed call will also work as normal.

The reason that i didnt use the "All" checkbox in the trigger, is because hospitals and blue light services (ambulance/police/firefighters) use suppressed callnumbers in Sweden, and just in case i would receive any call from them, i want to answer that call, it may be different in your country.

As you see in the start of the flow, it will also write an entry of every incoming call to a log file, and send a notification to the screen about the incoming call, i used these for debugging, keep them or remove them as you wish.

Comments are welcome 😊

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Re: Spam call blocker

Post by Josh12 » 30 Sep 2020 14:07

For me, it is better to receive a spam call than to miss an important one not from the contact list. Applications like getcontact normally deal with spam.

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Re: Spam call blocker

Post by edwardfloraa4 » 24 Jun 2021 06:35

With the latest Truecaller, you can easily block spam calls and messages...

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