Dutch weather info (KNMI Nederlands weer)

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Dutch weather info (KNMI Nederlands weer)

Post by J-P » 22 Oct 2019 13:41

Thanks to Martin in this post I was able to retrieve weather information at the Dutch meteorologic organisation KNMI. This is how:
  1. Create an API-Key at Weerlive
  2. In Automagic create a action type 'HTTP Request'
  3. As URL fill in the following URL but change the API-key to your own: http://weerlive.nl/api/json-data-10min. ... =Amsterdam (you can also change the city if needed)
  4. Set 'Store response in a variable or file' to Variable and set the Variable name to WeerliveRAW
  5. In Automagic create a action type 'Script' (with this script we'll parse the data into variables)
  6. Fill in the following script:

    Code: Select all

Now the following variables are created: VarTmin with the minimum temperature in Celsius, VarTemp with the current temperature in Celsius, VarLV with the current huminity (luchtvochtigheid) in percentage.

Of course you can set other parameters as variables as well. This is the complete list can be found on the Weerlive site.

An export of the flow can be found here, hope this is helpfull for some of the Dutch users :D

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Re: Dutch weather info (KNMI Nederlands weer)

Post by digitalstone » 25 Feb 2021 17:04

Thanks for this one... not sure if the forum is still alive as ever. Haven't checked in quite a while.
Just got my API key. Implementing data.

Greets from another country-brother ;)
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