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Multi reminders

Posted: 15 Aug 2019 05:18
by Rafi4
This flow create multiple reminders using global variable data and time. Create reminders unlimited. You never miss any reminders while your device is turned off. After restarting your device this flow will notify your reminders. Create reminders daily,weekly,monthly or no repeat

Process as below . See screen shots zip file and compress it import flows and widgets
2.To start start the "Task start" flow
3. Click on 7 button in Widget to add task. Select repeat type.
4 . click on trash icon to delete a task.
5. Click on pen icon to edit a task.
6. Click on notes Widget to get your upcoming task dates and timings.
7. To remove tasks which was done simply click on notification and then select task click done. The task will remove from the notification.

Any doubts or suggestions?
Please post.

This is one of my best creation.

Caution :don't modify any thing in this flow.

Trouble shooting;: not working as expected simply execute the old task flow

Re: Multi reminders

Posted: 15 Aug 2019 12:36
by Rafi4
Another trouble shooting is "uncheck use a large icon" or select calendar image here in action named"Notification on Statusbar: Notest.2" . See screen shot.

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