Check computer connected to the network

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Check computer connected to the network

Post by codeassault » 23 Jan 2019 15:45 ... 62ff63ed2f

I have done this to verify if a computer in the network where I work has been disconnected. The computer that I verify is from a colleague, therefore when this computer is disconnected, it means that my colleague turned off the computer and that it is time to leave work!
1.- It is activated 10 minutes before the possible departure time.
2.- Ping the computer with an argument of -c 1. (The ping to the host is stored in a global variable)
3.- Evaluate if the computer is still connected to the network.
4.- If it is still connected, wait 10 seconds to check again.
5.- If the computer is disconnected, create a notification with an action to stop the flow. (I added a sound to let me know about the event with a 5-second cycle)

My native language is Latin American Spanish, so I used Google Translate to describe this.
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