Screen saver for Android Auto & Google Maps users

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Screen saver for Android Auto & Google Maps users

Post by Wibbly » 20 Jan 2019 11:55

Use case: I have a Pixel 2 (AMOLED screen) and didn't want the screen on the whole time I was driving. It makes the battery slower to charge and risks 'burning' an image of static elements on the screen.

What it does: When Android Auto is running it turns on a 55% opacity black screen overlay after 20s and makes it 100% opacity 5 seconds later. The overlay is removed manually by touching the screen or moving your hand over the proximity sensor. However if Google Maps is in the foreground the overlay is removed automatically when approaching a turn (by looking at Google Map's notifications). This happens from 0.7miles at over about 50mph and from 0.3miles at below about 50mph. But the screen dims again if you get stuck in traffic and the distance to the next turn doesn't change in Google Maps within 20s. Note that flows have been set up assuming Google Maps is running in Miles mode

- Install the flows and widget
- Turn on the following flows (others will be enabled/disabled automatically): End Dimmer, Screen saver enable/disable
- Run this flow manually once to initialise a global variable: Speed trigger slow
- If necessary, set your screen resolution in the two Actions currently set to 1080x1920 in the following flow: Dim screen
- Set Android Auto's setting to keep the screen on

- Google Maps close to turn
- Screen saver enable/disable
- Speed trigger fast
- Dim screen
- Control screen saver
- Proximity trigger
- Speed trigger slow
- End dimmer

- Screen saver ... ba928daf4e <-Screensaver for Android Auto & Google Maps users

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