Screen off shortcut (fingerprint supported)

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Screen off shortcut (fingerprint supported)

Post by giovag7 » 03 Jan 2019 10:18

Hi all,
i made these flows to use a shortcut to turn off screen instead to use power button (to save it). There is a workaround to solve biometric issue when phone is locked by third part apps (a widget overlay that make a black screen for 5s before phone is locked). To use it:

1. set the widget overlay dimension as big as the display resolution in widget settings and in the Lock flow.
2. set the desired screen timeout in the Unlock flow.
3. Install shortcut from Lock flow.
4. Go in phone settings>lock screen & security>secure lock settings>automatic lock and set "immediately" (to lock the phone immediately when screen goes off).
5. enable the 2 flows Lock and Unlock.
Screen lock v.1.0
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