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Oruxmaps control

Posted: 13 Dec 2018 17:13
by syndromtr ... 0d9ca896a9

As Oruxmaps 4x1 widget has issues about start/stop recording a track, this is enhanced usage of recording a track (start/stop/continue).

* root needed for GPS on/off
* download free version from (package name com.orux.oruxmaps) - playstore currently only have paid version, package names in flow should be edited if so.
* oruxmaps - tracks - (select a track) - properties - uncheck : "show this screen after track creation"
* oruxmaps - global settings - tracks/routes - keep routes on screen = keep only active route

inside flow, if locale is non-english, you have to change "logging active" text with proper locale string.

finally, enable flow and create shortcut to use.