full custom VOICE COMMANDS v2.1 (always on!)

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full custom VOICE COMMANDS v2.1 (always on!)

Post by dragon » 24 May 2018 01:37

Use "Okay Google" hands free to control your phone!

I've just released v2.1, the flow works awesome, literally custom voice control your phone!, skies the limit.

The way it works is, you say the usual 'okay Google' then you wait for the second ping sound... then you say your key command word, ie. 'home', and it will do as requested, take you to home (screen).

If you don't give it a recognized command it will ping again, and will continue to ping until you give it a recognized command. This process will kill the native okay Google feature initially but if your key command is 'Google now' you will get the native Google voice service followed by the usual ping, then you can interact with Google now the usual way. Best of both worlds.

It's easy to add any custom command. Just inspect the flow, then copy - paste an action branch then change key command word(s) and action to reflect your preferences.

Pre built commands include :

- "Cancel" (quit process)
- "Home" (button)
- "Back" (button)
- "Recent" (cards)
- "Screen off" (screen turns off)
- "Reboot" (phone reboot)
... and many more!


v1.1 - Decreased command wait time - Added increase media volume to hear command ping then restore media volume after command

v1.2 - Tweaked "Google now" command timing of backing out of Google window after command launch

v2.0 - (No longer need Autovoice plugin) - You will need GOOGLE ASSISTANT INSTALLED

v2.1 - Added instruction notes to flow

http://automagic4android.com/flow.php?i ... 37c622d9d2

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