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Post by javanesse » 04 May 2018 15:27

Oh, hy!

This simple voice command that might help you do something to your device via voice commands


How does it work?
There is a "Master" flow where if this flow executed, this flow will catch your voice as string, then save it as a global variable.
The next step is, if the "Master" global variable string matches or contains "additional flows" global variable, then that additional flow will be executed. as simple as that.

  • No ROOT Required
  • Downloadable/customizable Additional Commands
    We can make a command as we desired in separated flow, so we can add a lot flows to be executed by voice command.
  • Easly change command to your own local language
    The Commands is depended on global variable strings/values. You can change as Creepy as you want. so, no matter what words in you put in ie."WIFI" global variable, as long as MASTER global variable contains that words, then WIFI flow will be executed.
  • Auto Fix Command
    accidentally global variable removed? dont worry, it will auto create the default global variable commands.

  • Required Android 6+
  • Internet Connection Needed
  • All Additional Commands Need to be triggered at the same time*
* For this reason, it would be great if the "Notification on screen" trigger have Variable as text filter, so this flow will use less resource of memory usage, also straight to the target. In this case, the additional flows doesnt need to be executed at the same time anymore
On the next target is to make an assistant based on online databases. which you can do, tell, ask, chat or learn somethings.

My HH:
  • Brand : Asus Zenfone 4 Max Pro
  • OS: Android 7.1.1
  • Root Status: UNROOTED

I would greatly appreciate, if there is someone help me to improve this flow structure, so that this flow will run smoothly and on target.
Video will be added soon.
There is some part to download, but dont worry, you can download it all and activated at the same time.
Specific Device :

Feel free to create your own additional commands.

if there's any bug, suggestions, command request, or any question, let me know.

Thank you.

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