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Profile Switcher

Post by TheBrain1984 » 08 Dec 2017 19:14

Who need it?
Everybody who want to switch fast between "profiles" and it is also possible to let it switch in combination with areas from the "CellID Recorder" viewtopic.php?f=3&t=7119 .

- mandatory: CellID Recorder OR something else that controls the global_vars: "global_active_area" AND "global_area_cids"

Think about which profiles you want and what they should do. A profile is a set of settings and it contains ringtone, volume of ringtone, volume of notification, volume of media, wifi (on/off), a symbol for the profile and the default prio for the profile.
ATTENTION: For "ringtone" you need exact the same value as in the action "Set Default Ringtone".

Just start the flow 00_02p_install_profile.
The installation makes a requirements check. It will let you install most of the stuff without fulfilling the requirements BUT the module wouldn't work proberly especially the switch that works automagicly for the profiles.
During the installation you can set as much profiles as you like. After the installtion you can edit the global_var "global_profile", to edit the profiles or to add new one.
After that it will ask you for a fallback_profile. This is the profile that will be set, if no other profile is active.
In the next step the installation asks you to link your areas to a profile. You can change this link manually in the global_var "global_area_profil" (the key is the area).

What else can it do?

making coffee... just kidding
You get a widget in this package. The widget starts by clicking it the flow "02p_ProfilOverwrite". This flow gives you the possibility to overwrite the active profile with another one and for how long. The overwriting flow will get a prio of "1" (highest prio). If the active profile also has a prio of "1" it wouldn't be overwritten.

Enjoy. ... d878c3e44e

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