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One Overlay Widget to Rule Them All

Posted: 15 Sep 2017 21:44
by acerzw
Not really a flow share, just wanted to upload a picture of the overlay device control widget ("Chronogauge") I have crafted in my spare time, refined over a few years. It takes advantages of buttons with multiple functions e.g. click, long-click, double-click to pack in maximum functionality.

Hopefully it will inspire others and give some idea of what you can do if you push Automagic a lot. This widget overlay has: Multiple device support, themes (chrome/gold border, 7 background images), clock (red sawtooth position around outside indicates mins) date and alarm time, rotary day night indicator (with audio profile smart-switching), WiFi/Bluetooth & mobile data controls and indicators, location accuracy indicator, mini music player (can be used with all apps or locked to Google play music) with volume controls and gauge, battery - internal and external storage gauges, audio setting/status advisories (cover over little speaker flips open/closed), camera, torch, night dark screen overlay, wallpaper picker (2 sets - both orientations and live), screen rotate, charging indicator, mini launcher (18 apps), app drawer access, cloud-backup and a mini keyboard!

Its visibility can be toggled on and off via the small trigger overlay at the top of the screen, which leaves the desktop completely uncluttered for maximum live wallpaper coolness (right swiping on the trigger panel hides that too, but it still functions). It has a lot of smart logic programmed in, to save power and manage many functions semi-autonomously. Its very modular and structured with 101 flows. The icons are from google play purchased icon sets "Dap", "Mercury", "Smoke and Glass" and "The Grid".