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Countdown as widget

Post by yogi108 » 11 Sep 2017 11:05

Sometimes it is nice to have a datecounter - days/time left.
I kept it simple, there is only one trigger from the widget. You can have up to 5 counters, the widget shows only 1 at a time.
Import flow and widget, enable flow and put the widget on the homescreen.
The widget has 3 clickable areas, left middle right.
To begin with tap the middle, it is for new and editing.
Right is for deleting.
Left is for updating the widget and, if more than 1 counter, getting the next counter.
It gives no alarm, it doesn't update itself through a timer, so uses no additional resources.
Of course you can change the behaviour.
Just calling the flow updates the widget.
The flow creates a global_count variable and uses it to hold the dates/names and the counter as a map for showing the next counter.


Edit: updated the flow with time trigger, no awakening etc so if more than one timer is present it changes and updates every minute
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