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Insert Calendar Event, Contacts, GPS to Android Messages SMS

Posted: 01 Aug 2017 15:11
by geekeedee
Add and send a calendar event and contacts to Android Messages when texting.

In a SMS text, I often write "See you at the" or "Meet me at the", then I want to insert an event from my calendar with the date/time and location. I write "For help, contact", then I want to insert name(s) and phone number(s) from my Contacts list.
I want to add seamlessly the calendar event and contacts while texting ... WITHOUT having to open, switch to, copy and paste from the calendar and contacts apps.

This flow adds these features to the stock Android Messages SMS app. The flow allows you to insert ON THE FLY a calendar event, contacts and GPS coordinates in an Android Messages text, just like inserting a photo.
Click on the PLUS sign + to insert
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Select calendar event, contact(s) or GPS to insert
AndroidMessages2[1].png (40.69 KiB) Viewed 2779 times
The calendar event is inserted
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How to use the flow and its features:

- In Android Messages, just click on the + plus sign like you normally do when you want to insert a photo, gif, etc...
- A menu will pop up giving you options to insert calendar event, contacts, or GPS coordinates.
- When you select a calendar event, the event name, time and location are automatically inserted into the text. (Only events from the next 30 days are shown).
- When you select the contact(s), the contact name, mobile phone, home phone and work phone are automatically inserted into the text. (Only contacts with mobile, home or work phone are shown).
- When you select GPS coordinates, the GPS coordinates in decimal format are automatically inserted into the text.

The flow is tested and works with the stock Android Messages, Google Calendar, Google Contacts.

The Flow: ... bd2a01d1b9