Interval timer for work outs and other similar routines

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Interval timer for work outs and other similar routines

Post by vamzicool » 05 Feb 2017 14:02

Interval timer consists of two main flows - rounds timer and interval timer. Rounds timer executes 3 rounds of workout routines with audible beep sounds . Rounds timer executes interval timer flow which executes a workout set consisting of 40 seconds of workout and 20 seconds of rest. Again with beep sounds. User is also presented with a widget overlay ("interval timer" widget) which shows the current round and each stage of timer in seconds. Clicking the overlay anytime stops the whole timer("stop interval timer" flow). You can edit the variables "rounds" to set the desired number of rounds. You can also edit the variable "work" to set the seconds duration for the workout. For example for 1 minute 30 seconds workout , set it to 90. In the same way set the variable "rest" to the desired number of seconds.

Please download the beep sound files given in the google drive links and put it in the "Download" folder. ... p=drivesdk ... p=drivesdk ... p=drivesdk

To use the timer simply create a shortcut on your screen using the "rounds timer" shortcut. Click on it and work out .

Flows and widget given below : ... ca1450a2f1
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Re: Interval timer for work outs and other similar routines

Post by Rafi4 » 08 Mar 2018 21:56

Your flow is good. But How can modify this flow to indicate minutes and seconds
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