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outgoing call duration counter

Posted: 25 May 2015 14:04
by vamzicool ... 6450021fc9

The two flows tracks the call duration of the outgoing calls and displays them in the widget. This maybe inaccurate because automagic doesn't have a call duration variable and thus I have to use the outgoing call offhook and idle triggers to measure the time. The problem lies in the offhook event which triggers the instant the call is made rather than when the other party takes the call. Suggestions are welcome.

Re: outgoing call duration counter

Posted: 18 Nov 2019 05:57
by Lucy
Hey... the flow errors on the end call?!....


18.11.2019 16:54:29.010 [End call duration counter] End executing action 'Script: global_call_end_time = getDurationMillis(triggertime); global_talktime = global_talktime + (global_call_end_time - global_call_start_time); global_talktime_str = getDurationString(global_talktime);' and exception can not convert value 'global_talktime + (global_call_end_time - global_call_start_time)34463335823170701433479326165' to number (Expression: getDurationString(global_talktime)[line 2])
18.11.2019 16:54:29.029 [End call duration counter] Flow ends execution due to errors
18.11.2019 16:54:29.030 [End call duration counter] Error:

Re: outgoing call duration counter

Posted: 27 Jan 2020 14:53
by akhileshg1988
For recognising the exact off-hook time of an outgoing call, please refer to


Re: outgoing call duration counter

Posted: 27 Jan 2020 15:09
by akhileshg1988
Here's a flow that tells the exact duration of both incoming and outgoing calls.