Set latest taken photo as wallpaper

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Set latest taken photo as wallpaper

Post by Maxxy » 23 Aug 2014 10:38 ... 17c2c68a9c

So what this does is it takes the latest photo you just took and makes a notification in the notification tray. The notification icon is that photo. It gives you 30 seconds to cancel setting the wallpaper. You click the notification to cancel it or just delete the picture.

How is this useful?
First of all it gives you a nice dynamic wallpaper that changes every time you take a new photo. Second, if people need a reminder they sometimes take a photo of what they need to be reminded of. Well it would be like posting a sticky note on your phone but without covering the display. For example at university the prof told you to remember those terms that you see on a board. You take a pic and boom you are constantly reminded every time you look at your phone!
This works flawlessly on Nexus 5
Change the location of where it looks for new pictures if it is different for your phone.
And maybe change the notification ID if you have something that already uses that ID. Change the waiting time to whatever you like if you want to.

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