[Useful] [Complete] [Simple] Audio profiles manager

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Re: [Useful] [Complete] [Simple] Audio profiles manager

Post by Linuxmel » 24 Dec 2015 17:55

Great work. I don't need a work profile anymore, is there a way of changing the name? Thanks!

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Re: [Useful] [Complete] [Simple] Audio profiles manager

Post by giovag7 » 25 Dec 2015 08:23

Each profile can be activated even automatically by other flows (ie when a specific wifi is connected etc.). If you lock a profile other flows can't do this.

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Re: [Useful] [Complete] [Simple] Audio profiles manager

Post by danyver » 08 Feb 2016 13:21

First of all thank you for the great job, these flows are invaluable.
I took the liberty to extend them by making the lock (optionally) "timed": so whenever you choose to apply and lock by tapping the notification, you'll be asked whether the lock is temporary (and how long it must last); however, if you cancel the time selection input your lock will last indefinitely just as is now.
Notifications have been modified accordingly in order to show whether the lock is timed or not.
I hope this feature can add some value to these already priceless flows
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Re: [Useful] [Complete] [Simple] Audio profiles manager

Post by Claas » 17 Mar 2016 06:31

Simply awesome!

I combined it all with a widget starting the Ui and a WiFi trigger - Llama wasn't as good =)

Only problem so far is that on my opo automatic is not able to change vibration on/of.

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Re: [Useful] [Complete] [Simple] Audio profiles manager

Post by Keith » 15 May 2016 06:20

Thanks for this. Coming from Llama, this was really useful to have to get me started.

I've since pared it way down to fit my needs, but it was a great help to me for learning to use Automagic.

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Re: [Useful] [Complete] [Simple] Audio profiles manager

Post by giovag7 » 27 Jan 2020 13:19

Thank you to all.
I have to say that this job works very well even in the latest Android releases and phones. It is yet very useful.

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Re: [Useful] [Complete] [Simple] Audio profiles manager

Post by icefox56 » 31 Jul 2020 10:30

This is a great flow. I learned a lot from it, thanks for sharing @giovag7. your flow is so impressive that I would love to know your other use cases of automagic.

I modified the flow a little bit so that after the lockdown period is over it will switch back to the previous audio profile.


- Your current profile is "Outside"
- When you enter your exam hall you set it to "Mute" and locked it to the next 3hrs.
- After 3hrs are up it will automatically switch back to "Outside"

Note: This is a modification of orginal flow by @giovag7 & lockdown timed version by @danyver all credits goes to them.
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