Set Phone speaker on/off automatically

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Set Phone speaker on/off automatically

Post by rokahaal » 07 Jul 2014 21:55

I have posted this flows earlier in another thread in german but now I have revised them and they are in english now and so I open my own thread.

This flows will activate the phone speaker automatically during an active phone call when you put the phone away from your ear and hold the phone in landscape mode. Or the phone is in landscape mode in a carholder and you start or receive a phone call. (I don't have Bluetooth in my car). Landscape mode is useful to prevent that the phone speaker will be activated to early or by mistake.

You only need to activate the flows "call beginning" and "call end". The Flow "set landscape mode" is only needed when your phone or rom don't support landscape mode by default. In this case you also have to activate this flow. The other flows will be managed automatically.

Note: This will only work if the proximity sensor in your phone support this. It works on my Nexus 5 but not on my oppo find 5. Both with cyanogenmod 11.
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