Remote photo for time lapse

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Remote photo for time lapse

Post by manuel » 16 Jun 2014 12:37

This is a very simple workflow that I'm sharing mainly because of the idea behind it.
I wanted to make several photos for a time lapse but I wanted to decide the exact moment the photo was taking. The phone is in a tripod, so touching it was cumbersome. I could have bought a remote BT shutter, but it was a little overkill for just one timelapse.
Automagic to the rescue: I come up with the idea that the http request trigger from Automagic could act as a remote trigger, just pointing the browser to the web address of the phone.
As a bonus once the photo is made it writes back a thumbnail to the browser, so that you can see the progress (try to do that with a remote shutter :) ). Obviously, you can make all kind of changes to the flow (keeping a log of the photos you do and return the progress, make a sound when the photo is made,...).
The delay is because sometimes the flow fails and I suspect that it is because the camera needs some time to process and write the file.
Obviously, the phone and the PC should be in the same network.

Remote photo

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