Do not disturb on certain location on calendar events

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Do not disturb on certain location on calendar events

Post by bichlepa » 16 May 2014 17:20

I use those five flows at high school, so that my phone is mute during lessons and silent during breaks. It has been working reliably for months.

How it works:
  • When you are near to the specified location (e.g. high school) Wifi is turned on.
  • When Wifi connects to the specified (e.g. Wifi at high school), the flows that perform following actions are activated.
  • If a calendar event is active, phone volume is set to mute, else silent.
  • One minute before a calendar event starts, phone volume is set to mute.
  • One minute after a calendar event ends, phone volume is set to silent.
  • When you leave the specified location Wifi is turned off and phone volume is set to loud.
Attention: You will also need my volume setter flows to work! (Description, Dowload)

After downloading you should activate the three flows "Location - enter", "Location - leave" and "Location near to location".
You also should modify the "Location" trigger in "Location - leave" and "Location near to location" and the "WiFi connected" in "Location - enter". The presaved locations is random

If your location do not have wifi, you may modify the flow "Location - enter" and replace the trigger "WiFi connected" with "Location" from the flow "Location - near to location".

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