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Driving - play music, read out notifications, etc.

Posted: 16 Nov 2013 03:56
by Marcoid ... a8cd5b7b4b

"Car Audio - Connected":
When connected to a specific Bluetooth device -- put an ongoing notification in the status bar, start playing music (in my case, actually podcasts with BeyondPod), turn up the audio volume, and enable other flows which enable reading of notifications (text messages, emails, etc.), etc.

"Car Audio - Disconnected":
When disconnected from a specific Bluetooth device -- stop playing music, turn down the audio volume, remove the ongoing notification in the status bar, and disable other flows which are used for reading out notifications, etc.

"Cancel Car Audio Mode":
When the ongoing notification in the curtain is tapped, cancel car audio mode.

"Interrupt to Read out Notification" and "Speak Notification Text":
When a notification comes in (configured by selecting/unselecting apps in the "Notification on Statusbar Displayed" trigger) -- pause music, speak the notification, then resume music.

Interrupt for Voice Input:
I have Touchless Controls on my Moto X (saying "OK Google" without touching the phone) -- so whenever that app gets activated, this flow will pause music for a while, to allow for voice input.