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Post by MURTUMA » 06 Oct 2013 09:23

I have several web comic apps on my phone I try to check daily. Sometimes I forget that so I made this reminder flow for them. Currently it is configured for only one app as this is more like a proof of concept of how you can set this up. It's easy to re-configure for any task you want to be reminded of.

When new comic is released, this asks me if I want to read it. If I press "no" it will repeat the question after an hour with periodic timer. Additionally it will place a notification to the drop down tray and if I click it, the app will start. I also set up some variables to prevent this asking me again if I have read the comic. It will also reset the variable at midnight, so the next day it will ask again.

Don't mind about weird variable values. I had something in my mind which didn't work out well and I was too lazy to change them.

EDIT: Updated the flow. There was a little bug, which I made when merged these from three flows into two. It's now fixed. ... 05f7f4d233

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