In Progress: Spotify Web Remote Player

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In Progress: Spotify Web Remote Player

Post by ChaosNo1 » 19 Sep 2013 19:43

Hi @all,

i just want to share my idea which is still in progress and not ready to release.

I am working on a web interface for a remote control of Spotify on Android. But let's start a little bit earlier to understand what i would like to do.

I have a Docking Station for my Galaxy Note. This is connected to my hiFi-System. I asked myself if it is possible to use my Notebook to control the spotify player app so i do not have to go to the phone for skipping / stopping Music or change the playlist. I tried to find a tool for that, but without any success. Now i found Automagic a few days ago and read about the feature to trigger on http requests. I bought it and started to implement the flows, of course with some difficulties at the beginning. But now i am in a good state an only a few thing are still open.

Here is what is working now:

* Play / Stop / Next / Prev / Volume up / Volume Down (that was the easiest part)
* Loading and play Playlists or single songs on a playlist
This part is a little bit more difficult. To get this, the playlists-links must be imported as a text file. A Script extracts the data which is needed to load the mobile playlist page from the spotify page. However this worked for me even the playlists are private (maybe there is no login necessary because spotify app is installed). The urls in the response of this request are manipulated to make it possible to call the local player on android when clicking on it. Also a playlist overview is created. I created a own flow for this and save the playlists a local html files to get a better performance. When clicking on a playlist Spotify starts to play it in shuffle mode (the app does not play automatically when a playlist is loaded and it does not recognize the play command after loading it. I use accessibility help of automagic to start shuffle play). Also it sends the local playlist file as response.

What i will do next:
At the moment, a new page is opened when clicking on a playlist or a song in a playlist. To keep the html-code and manipulating scripts as simple as possible i will try to use frames / iframes as targets.
Also i will add graphics for the player control (start, stop, etc)

What seems not to work is to get the current playing song. I have tried several things but without success. Maybe someone has an idea for that?

Is anyone interested in these flows? Are there any more Ideas?

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