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Proximity answer call & Proximity after call lock

Posted: 02 Aug 2013 08:06
by breeze
Please sorry for google translate!

Proximity answer call:

The purpose of this flow is to implement the ability to answer incoming call by presentation to the smartphone to your ear. Achieving this flow is based on the reading of the proximity sensor.
1. Lock device when it in pocket.
2. Turn screen on and sound off (only in Ringer:Normal mode), when the smartphone gets from pocket.
3. Sound off (only in Ringer:Normal mode), if at the time an incoming call smart is not in pocket and lies on a horizontal surface (i.e., when the smart likely to be in the user's hands).
4. Vibration before the moment of connection.
Warning: for run this flow you must have root access. For correct operation is necessary to increase the value Automagic emergency stop. Try to start 500

Proximity after call lock:
This flow provides an automatic lock and show home screen, if to put an smartphone in your pocket after the call end.
1. The flow is executed 14 seconds, and only if no other calls.
2. If, at the beginning of the flow would be the smart already in pocket (or are still in the head, for example, if the line is busy for outgoing call), the first 7 seconds will not show home screen, and if you remove the smart out of pocket (to move away from the head) - the screen turns on. If the 7 seconds will not be activity - will be show home screen and stop flow.