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Location based task

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 07:15
by manuel
This set of flows allows you to create taks, delete them, and be notified when you are in a location (Home, work,... please edit the location):
  • "Add task" should be linked to a shorcut and allow you to add a task to the list. It also ensures that "Location based task" is enabled.You need to add the shorcut.
  • "Delete tasks" can be linked to a shorcut and is also invoked when you are in the selected location. It disables "Location based task" if you delete all the tasks.
  • "Location based task" runs in the background to check you are in the selected location and so notifiy you with the tasks to do. You need to edit the location
  • "Notification from tasks" is invoked by "Location based task" to show you the tasks and let you delete them.
Location based tasks Flow set

P.S.: This is a wonderful tool and quite fun to use ;)