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Site verification / Site observation

Posted: 15 May 2013 13:24
by inReinbek
There were some pages in the net I want to "observate" on changing standard-texts.
If the text changes I want to SMS the info to myself and also send it by mail.

-> In this flow you can "play" with a page of a part of the german ministry of education :oops: ... this site changes the content on snowfall in winter while the ministry closes some schools in northern germany.

First you have to change in the script-action called "parametric" the receiver-number to a regular one.
Then you have to add your GMail/Googlemail-Account.

If you want to use the flow by yourself you also have to change the site-URL and the content in the "parametric"-Action.

Please reply if you think something. :lol:

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