Leveraging The Eonstarter Platform To Participate In BRC20 Based IDO Launchpads

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Leveraging The Eonstarter Platform To Participate In BRC20 Based IDO Launchpads

Post by Hexxler » 13 Jul 2023 13:02

Participating in IDOs on crypto exchanges can be a big challenge, especially for newbies and small-scale investors. Investors often rely on biased, partial, or distorted information from sponsored press or influencers, leading to poorly informed decisions.

The reason for the existence of a lot of decentralized funding platforms is to maximize profits in the short term. IDO participants also are interested in short-term gains without minding the success or failure of startup projects. These often result in immediate tokens selloff with the consequent collapse of potentially great projects.

Also, as the Bitcoin BRC20 Chain continues to grow, so too does the number of BRC20-based projects launching, and Eonstarter is set to position itself at the Go-To IDO launchpad for BRC20 tokens.

Eonstarter will change the narrative

Eonstarter is strategizing and positioning itself as a transparent platform for viable startups, providing a financial backbone for innovative projects and amplifying the adaptability of Bitcoin’s BRC20 tokens and NFTs.

With this, users can have projects they can trust and make sustainable profits in the long run.

More partners trust the Eonstarter Platform

Eonstarter has earned the trust and partnership of over 25 key projects on BRC20. Besides that, Eonstarter has raised over $100,000 from Angel investors as they focus on achieving their desire to be a major stakeholder in the BRC20 ecosystem.

The $EONS token presale starts in a few days, and whitelisted persons will easily be notified as the presale kickstart.

You can fill out this form to be placed on the Eonstarter whitelist. You can also use this Zealy Link to join the whitelist for a chance to win $EONS tokens valued at $10,000.

For more information, visit:

Website: https://eonstarter.com

Litepaper: https://eonstarter.medium.com/introduci ... 8c0f67c8b5

Join Presale Whitelist: https://forms.gle/M7U3gJnFMpTFAxDA7

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eonstarter

Telegram: https://t.me/eonstarter

Discord: https://discord.gg/phTbYRhgTU

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