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by thorx9
11 Aug 2014 10:48
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Topic: Note 2 Pen trigger?
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Note 2 Pen trigger?

Is it possible to trigger off of the Note 2 pen being removed or inserted? I can't find this as a trigger.

by thorx9
23 May 2014 19:17
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Topic: Extend "Lock Automatically" time
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Extend "Lock Automatically" time

How do you extend the amount of time before the lock screen will appear? I'm trying to automate a process that when I plug in headphones, my run tracker & music player will start and the timeout on my lock screen will be extended to 30 minutes (so I do not have to type in a password while I am worki...
by thorx9
13 May 2014 13:18
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Topic: Action to turn on/off Hands-free mode? [Solved]
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Action to turn on/off Hands-free mode? [Solved]

I am trying to automate the process of turning on hands-free mode when connected to the Bluetooth in my car (and to turn off hands-free mode when disconnected). I do not see a specific action for "hands-free" mode, and there is no Settings shortcut. I have a Verizon-based Samsung Note2. Is there an ...