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by highend
15 Nov 2013 08:01
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Enable after import
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Enable after import


we can just click the flows.xml within a file manager to import it. That's nice.
But can you please add a dialog window that asks if we want to enable /disable all imported
flows instead of just silently disabling all?

by highend
20 Sep 2013 10:18
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Set language for Automagic
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Set language for Automagic

Hi Martin, atm Automagic uses the default system language (in my case german) and translates all triggers, conditions, actions and ui elements into that language. While ui translation is nothing bad at all it makes choosing of the "right" condition / trigger... a rather hard task. This is an english...
by highend
20 Sep 2013 09:43
Forum: EAP - Early Access Program
Topic: EAP version 1.19.0-dev
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Re: EAP version 1.19.0-dev

When the new 1.19.0 release version appears on the play store will the update system install it automatically over an existing EAP version or is that something that must be done manually?
by highend
19 Sep 2013 20:10
Forum: User Help / Bug Reports
Topic: Wait until an application becomes the foreground app?
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Wait until an application becomes the foreground app?

Hi, I'd like to automate the start of two applications. The first one is " PLUS" and the second one "iGO". Ofc there is a simple way by starting and then using an Expression like "sleep(7500)" (or pause, etc.) but I'd like to start iGO when the UI of becomes visible a...