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by poosterl
08 Oct 2015 10:47
Forum: EAP - Early Access Program
Topic: EAP version 1.29.0-dev
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Re: EAP version 1.29.0-dev

Hi Martin, I wonder how I should use "return" in a script. "return" is normally used to return a value form within functions. Since (as far as I know) functions cannot be defined in an automagic script, I can only assume that "return" should be used at script level. But how can a subsequent flow act...
by poosterl
29 Jul 2013 15:37
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: "local" or "private" actions and conditions
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"local" or "private" actions and conditions

actions and conditions that are no candidates for reuse could be flagged as "local" or "private".
those then would not show up in the global choices lists nor would they yield name conflicts, thus helping to uncluther Automagic a bit as the number of flows increases.
by poosterl
29 Jul 2013 12:56
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: "static" variables
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"static" variables

variables that are not global but kind of static i.e. for which the scope is not limited to a flow instance but which is available to all (subsequent) instances of the same flow.