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by Fusseldieb
07 Jul 2021 13:31
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Topic: alternative to Automagic?
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Re: alternative to Automagic?

Until now unfortunately no app came nowhere close to it, at least for me
by Fusseldieb
09 Jun 2021 13:19
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Topic: The End of Automagic
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Re: The End of Automagic

I, personally, will use this App until it falls apart with newer versions of Android.
It's the most complete and amazing automation App for Android and also lightyears in front of Tasker.
by Fusseldieb
08 Sep 2020 13:48
Forum: User Help / Bug Reports
Topic: Das Ende von Automagic
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Re: Das Ende von Automagic

Ich schliesse mich auch ans Open-Source an! Es wäre viel zu schade, Automagic einfach hier stehenzulassen.

Ich bin Fan von diesem App und es gibt nichts das in die Nähe kommt!
by Fusseldieb
05 Feb 2019 14:27
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Topic: Websockets
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Hi, I would love to see Websockets in Automagic. Since my home is running with "", which is primarily controlled via Websockets, it would be a very nice implementation, since someone could turn things in their home on and and much much more. A lot of services nowadays are made with Websockets...